Monday, February 25, 2008

Why You Should Absolutely NEVER Vote In An Election

Do you vote in your local, state, and federal elections? Politics is a tricky and often irritating subject, especially during election times. You are bombarded by message after message from the various candidates touting their good points (and the bad points of their opponents!). Before examining the reason why you should never, ever vote in an election, for contrast here are some of the reasons why you should vote every chance you get.

You Like The Candidate

This seems to be the cornerstone of the electoral process. You usually like a candidate whose views and opinions closely parallel yours. The candidate may be from your area, invoking local ties to get your vote. However, the real challenge for candidates is to convert the people who do not like him or her, or who are currently undecided.

You Hate The Candidate

Some people prefer to vote against a specific candidate, rather than vote for their preferred candidate. Sometimes these voters feel that the candidate's views and opinions should never, ever be allowed to influence local or federal politics. Emotions run intensely during elections, and some voters prefer to try to keep a certain candidate out of office, rather than using their single vote for the candidate they like.

You Want To Cancel Another Person's Vote

You often see this scenario in couples that have diametrically opposing political views. The goal of such couples is solely to cancel out the vote of their spouse! Sometimes that means voting for someone other than their preferred candidate, but as long as their vote cancels their spouse's vote, they are satisfied. The emotional factors come into play once again.

You Want To Take Votes Away From A Candidate

In a variation of "you hate the candidate," some people will vote for a relatively "harmless" candidate who has no chance of winning, rather than give their vote to the frontrunner. These fringe candidates try to win the votes of undecided, disenfranchised, or angry voters in an attempt to act as a "spoiler" for the more popular candidates. Sometimes these "take-away" votes are enough to swing the election in a particular direction, and sometimes they are not.

The ONLY Reason You Should Never Vote In An Election

As the title stated, there is a compelling reason why you should never, ever vote in a political election. The only acceptable reason for not voting is if you are DEAD. Sure, deceased persons have fraudulently voted in some elections, but that's beside the point.

If you live in a country that has the right to vote, it is your civic and patriotic duty to exercise that right. Your ancestors and maybe even family members fought and died to buy this right for you, and you owe it to them to vote when you can. Some of them may be fighting right now in foreign countries. Are you going to disrespect them by telling them that their sacrifices are not good enough for you?

If you don't vote, then don't complain about the election outcome. You had a chance to change the results, but you passed. Remember that the next time that candidate comes up for re-election.

America the Beautiful and American Patriotism

As time marches on, does it seem that you and I are incrementally losing those once abundant freedoms, enjoyments of life and sense of direction?

Our Pledge of Allegiance and the Boy Scouts are under attack. There was once a majority of moral, honest, ethical, patriotic, and loyal leaders in the local and federal governments. The lines of difference are blurring between men and women. Can a man be a man and a woman be a woman with mutual respect and be proud of it? There is hardly any distinction between right and wrong anymore. How many 'Made in America' products have you seen lately? Never mind quality products. Animals’ lives are more valuable than humans. America’s values have been turned inside out and called 'good'. Is there any hope?

At one time there was true religious freedom, without the blatant bias against Christians so prevalent today.

Where is the American patriotism, strong family ties and ethics and the value of the spoken word?

It is American and patriotic to have a strong government by and for the people with accountability. To have secured borders. To speak and conduct our lives with our national language, English. To bear firearms for protection and hunting. To expect the same standards for those in authority as the common folk. To be free and retain freedom with voting and the best military. To take care of those in need and expect a returned contribution when possible. Not to be indifferent and involve ourselves in this great country.

America needs to wake up and shake off the sleep and regain our freedom and sovereignty.

Words are cheap and easily bought today. They were once valuable - as valuable as a signature. An Americans word revealed their character and determined their reputation. America’s words ought to be valuable to other nations.

The vocabulary of Americans is lacking. Not many people are able to go beyond the four letter words or articulate and convey their thoughts without expletives. Without an extensive vocabulary, children are limited in their thinking and reasoning abilities into adulthood. They are unable to become leaders.

Children’s morals, education, religion, character, and social graces should not be derived from the latest sitcom, school or government. It takes a parent, preferably two to raise a village. It is the parents’ responsibility to raise true blue Americans who love their country.

Where is the concern for our country, beyond the beer, the weekend, the television, sex, and the dollar? How many Americans can recite the Constitution, the Preamble, the Bill of Rights, anything in the Federalist Papers, or the Bible?

Do citizens know who is their state senators, representatives, governor, vice, or president? How about their positions on issues?

Is Americas light fading? Is this still the land of opportunity and the brave?

America has done its own wrong and right and is sorry for the wrong. America still remains the greatest country on the earth! May God help us turn around and then bless us.